Why Women Love Good Boys Who Are Bad Boys In Bed

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Women hate bad boys. And women find good boys boring. But wait, women love good boys who can transform themselves int bad boys only in the bed room.

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But don't get this wrong. Here, being a bad boy doesn't mean getting violent or trying dangerous things. Having a dark side could repel anyone. Also, being a bad boy doesn't mean sporting a gory tattoo, getting a weird hair cut, wearing chains or beads or wearing a weird expression on the face to look serious. Such things don't work.

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Here, being a bad boy just means having an adventurous side, tough side, having an attitude that could thrill a woman. So, its a mindset more than anything else. Now, let us discuss why women love that side only in the bed.


Bad Boys Are Capable Of Doing What They Want When They Want

This attitude in the bed room is loved by women who love adventure in the bed room. And yes, they dare to experiment without thinking twice.


They Never Pretend, They Never Try To Look Cool, Or Smart Or Sweet

They don't wear a mask to cover their true selves and this increases steam inside the bedroom.


They Look Confident Irrespective Of...

They look confident irrespective of external factors like money, clothes, status or cars. That very confidence can accelerate the rate of lovemaking in the bed.


They Aren't Scared To Do Naughty Things

Bad boys are very naughty in the bed room. They find creative ways to increase the fun in the bed.


They Do Things Their Own Way

A man who has his own style of love making is far better than men who copy their moves from films and porn.


They Are Passionate

Making love without passion makes it a boring mundane affair. Bad boys are passionate and give their best to the act.


They Are Unpredictable

That increases the fun in the bedroom as unexpected thrills raise the temperature fast.


They Can Kiss A Woman's Feet

Bad boys know that kissing a woman's feet is fun and their ego doesn't stop them from doing things that offer pleasure.

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