Signs You Are A Henpecked Husband

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Marriage is the most beautiful relationship in anyone's life. But what if it turns abusive? Well, it could happen to even men.

Yes, men who are controlled by their wives fall in the category of henpecked husbands. Well, it is almost like an abusive relationship.

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When husbands are manipulated or blackmailed, they tend to give in to the domination of the spouse. Well, if a person is happy in such a relationship then there isn't any harm but if one is feeling suffocated then there is nothing wrong in having a peaceful discussion about the same with wife.

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Divorce isn't an answer but peaceful coexistence is important and the same can be explored through a discussion. Now, let us discuss about certain signs of a henpecked husbands.


Sign #1

It is good to love your wife. But if you develop a habit of nodding your head and agreeing with her for everything even if your heart says no, then it could mean that you are unable to express your opinions properly. Ask yourself whether you scared of her or scared of an argument.


Sign #2

Do you feel restricted? If you feel suffocated in the marriage and if your wife doesn't even give you the freedom to meet your parents then it could be one sign of unhealthy relationship. If you are silent about it, it could be a sign of a henpecked husband.


Sign #3

If you are scared to take any decision on your own and make it a point to consult your wife for everything, it could also be a sign. Of course, relying on her intelligence is healthy but if you are doing it just because you are scared of the consequences then think again. The goal of relationships is love and freedom; not fear and fights.


Sign #4

Does your wife has the desire to dominate you and overpower you? And do you silently take insults from her? Well, then it could be one sign of a henpecked husband who feels helpless and trapped in the hands of an abusive wife.


Sign #5

If you are scared to go home after office every evening and if you wish to avoid going home altogether then it could also be a sign of a henpecked husband.


Sign #6

Are you being emotionally blackmailed every day? Do you feel like a slave? Are you scared that the domestic harmony would be disturbed even if you open your mouth in front of your wife?


Sign #7

Do you feel like a puppet? Are you addicted to her physical pleasures and feel like saying yes to anything she says?

Well, these are some signs you are a henpecked husband.

Sometimes, fear of losing your wife could be a reason and in some cases, the objective of making her happy could be the reason; whatever it is, if you are happy being like that, there isn't anything wrong.

But if your married life is causing pain, trauma, depression and social isolation, talk to your wife about it. Unhealthy relationships do need some healing!

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