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My Soul Will Find Yours In The Shades Of Monochrome

My soul will find yours in the shades of monochrome and that is how my love will feel you. You will become my art, my devotion and my heart. I will nurture your soul with mine as you will become the only shade of colour in my eyes.

Do you like the way your eyes seek out a random stranger and find him/her appealing in your mind? Do you believe in love? What about the stars that have decided to shine on your pathway to love? Have you ever found the love that never leaves? My soul will find yours in the shades of monochrome is all about questions and answers that we never talk and discuss.

my soul will find yours

1. We often talk about love but do we discuss the depth of feelings and love we have for each other?

There are a lot of ideas we have in mind about love and these are something that creates a scenario of love. But do we really understand our feelings is the question here? I don't think we do. Love is a natural feeling. It is bounded by nothing other than the beauty of souls sketching each other in monochrome.

We fall in love but we forget to talk about the feelings that are hidden beneath the first layer of feelings of love. The depth is never talked about and never discussed with the two souls in love.

We fall in love but we don't really know the feelings we have inside. This ain't the love that our souls seek. It is just the playful mind making you jump into the superficial feelings of love.

We have often seen people breaking up after a while in love. This happens because they were never really sure about the feelings of love. They thought they are truly and madly in love with their partners. But they never really knew that they were swimming in a pool of superficial feelings that lasts for a while.

2. Do we really talk about the future of us?

We don't do it either. We do talk about future but that being, what to do this weekend, are we going to a movie, etc. We never really talk about the sincere future that would become a part of our life. We make it certain that there is nothing but the love in between us. Future is very meaningful and it matters in love. If a couple doesn't really talk about their sincere future that is on the way, they never really make it up to be a lifelong couple.

We do forget to talk about it. We think it is okay to go with the pace right now but do we really ask for it from our love, we don't. We ask for a love that is everlasting. None of us like break-ups or divorce. But this happens when we do not discuss the later future which is the most essential discussion of our relationship, looking forward to holding hands forever.

3. Does my soul ask for your soul?

None talk about it. People fall in love with the silhouette of how love looks like. We are all materialistic in today's world where we should have been seekers of love and souls. None of us looks beyond a person's appearance and nature. There is something deeper than this two. There is something more meaningful and more appealing than the chiselled body or the zero figure. There is a soul or energy or spirit that is constantly in the motion of seeking for bonding with any other soul. We do not really think about it. We see someone attractive and we say we kind of have feelings for him/her but we never say let me seek deeper in knowing them. None of us is interested in the soul love. It is just the body that we crave the most.

4. Does physical intimacy answer every emotion?

I don't think physical intimacy answers every emotion. Physical intimacy rather initiates emotions to converse on a deeper level. But that is only possible when you allow yourself to have a conversation with the emotions of another. We are all selfish and we all require physical intimacy. But let's divulge a little bit more into conversing with the emotions. You will not just have physical intimacy, you will certainly have the lifelong bonding of emotional intimacy and when emotions become intimate, it is the physical intimacy that becomes the connection between flesh and bones.

I ask you all, to think, to idealise, to fall in love but in a righteous way. I don't want you to just make love or call some feelings as love. I want you all to fall in the sense of love and then adore the beautiful vibe of two souls bonding together.

These 4 questions are something we should really consider and think about and should use our own advice when we fall in love. Think about love in the most beautiful way and shine in the monochrome art of love.

Story first published: Thursday, July 5, 2018, 12:22 [IST]

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