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Break-up Is The Only Myth In A Relationship

Why is break-up the end of a relationship? Is break-up a myth in a relationship? Thinking about it has brought me into the light where I am ready to say it is a myth and we don't really break up with our partners in a relationship.

The thing about breaking up with your partner is you call it an end of the era of a relationship between you and your partner. What if I say you never call it an end? Do you think after connecting to someone for so many days and building so many moments and memories, you just say, "I'm done with you and I break up"?

I don't agree. If we did break up then why do we linger in the thoughts? Why do we keep going back to the flaccid memory lane where our love enjoys seeing the pictures of the moments we have had with our partners?

Break-up is a myth for we never really end the relationship. We are all just passing the parcel of love before holding onto it for some time.

Let's think about break-up as a myth while I explain the details that portray my observation.

1. Memories Stay Back

Say you and your partner broke up, you still think about the memories you both have made. You look into those old selfies and the new. You find out where everything went haywire. You still try to think that you could have done it better. One always haunts his/her past. He/she always makes it a point to look behind and see if they could have done it better and if it would have worked. The reason behind this is we cannot kill memories and neither can we let them go.

This says, we never really broke up. Break-up is just a word for us. It is the parcel that we hold onto for some time before passing it to the other. What goes around finally does come back to us. We might not get into a relationship but we still hold the parcel for a moment or two. This is not the end then. This says break-up is just a word that proves nothing in front of love and memories.

It is just an idea to give the parcel to someone else.

2. Do We Kill The Attachment?

Nope, we don't. Every time we see the person somewhere or the other, the attachment comes back rushing in and we still feel connected to each other even after breaking up and that is how it is. We cannot change the law. We never kill the attachment. We just suppress the part of showing it. Attachment cannot be killed. If that's so, then how do we say we did end everything with the person and we have more to do with them. We literally have everything for them but we just don't say it.

This proves the fact that break-up is just a word at the end.

3. We Withdraw Our Emotions

Yes, we have control over our emotions to an extent. When we break up all we do is control the emotions that we were pouring out earlier with vibrancy of love and feelings. We just suppress the emotions that were connected. We cannot control our involuntary emotions and that is the reason why I say break-up is a myth. We are always connected with our partners and our exes even after we leave them. Emotions can be played with but those are the voluntary emotions. Based on that we cannot say break-up is for real.

4. Love Doesn't Vanish

Love never dies. It is immortal as it is the feeling of the soul. One can always let go of the love for someone or might keep it suppressed or hidden but none can let it vanish. "You will find me in each stranger's face", this is a quote I have read somewhere and this means even after letting go and breaking-up, one doesn't forget the love he/she had once. This suggests that you and your partner after breaking up are still connected. If you are connected then how can you say you have had a break-up?

These 4 reasons say a lot. Think deeper and feel it inside. We never really end a love, we just suppress every source of its existence and say it has vanished. Even when I see my ex I feel that love within me. This is because those suppressed feelings come out to the surface and then again our mind pushes them back into the zone of suppression.

This is why break-up is the only myth in a relationship.

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Story first published: Monday, July 2, 2018, 14:30 [IST]
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