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Why Some Men Haunt

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Yes, some men haunt (in a good way). When you see him for the first time, you go home and think about him. When you see him again, you go home and think again and again. That is called haunting.

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If you spend time thinking about a man and if you hug a pillow and roll on your bed, then it means he's haunting you.

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So, some men impact you for some reason. Sometimes, it could be only on a physical level. Sometimes, it could be on other levels too. Let us explore the reasons....


Reason #1

Some women have a thing for tall men. Some women have a thing for deep voices. Such masculine qualities could sometimes play a role in the attraction.


Reason #2

Some women are sub-consciously attracted to men who resemble certain aspects of the father. Such men turn some women on.


Reason #3

Some women love beards so much that they start fantasising the man with beard when they go home. That could be because of the sensation that could arise when a man's beard touches a woman's skin.


Reason #4

Strong, authoritative men create a kind of impact on some women. When a strong man is around, he could haunt those women who love such men.


Reason #5

Some women would love to make love to intelligence. Yes, even intelligent men who are nerdy could haunt some women.


Reason #6

Some men do the whole magic with their presence. When they are around, certain feelings arise in a woman and they are nothing but chemical actions inside the body that make one feel good. Such a man haunts.


Reason #7

The actual reason why some people haunt us is because our brains create pleasure-giving chemicals when we think of them, talk to them or meet them. In fact, your mind is the organ that creates the pleasure. The other person is just a tool; it is your mind that creates the effect. Millions of sensory inputs that have gone into your sub-conscious mind since childhood till your adulthood play a role in what could attract you and what could release the feel-good chemicals.

Now, you must have understood why that man in your office haunts you. It is because of your mind; not his looks!

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