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The Secret To Attract The Right Man

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Yes, you carry an aura. And you either attract or repel someone with the aura that you carry. Whether you agree or disagree, your aura plays a bigger role in attracting your man compared to your clothes, ornaments or other attempts to woo him.

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What's aura? Well, it is the air around you or the quality of atmosphere you seem to carry along with you wherever you go.

You tend to think a lot about what to wear and how to look attractive and fashionable but the fact is that almost all men decide whether a woman is attractive or not in just a split second after looking at the aura. And of course, the same apples to anyone; even women get attracted to a man with a powerful aura.

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Your aura tells others how comfortable you feel inside your skin. Your aura tells others how insecure you feel inside. To put it a nutshell, your aura communicates everything about you to the other in a jiffy. Let us discuss more facts....


Fact #1

Your aura projects your image. All of us tend to carry an image and we communicate that image to others through the aura. That is how people perceive us, categorise us and remember us.


Fact #2

Your aura is your signature. It is unique. You tend to have a distinctive quality of energy about you and that decides how others feel around you. Are others happy to be around you or do they feel tensed up, sad or depressed when you interact with them?


Fact #3

Your aura connects and communicates with the men looking at you. Something in you communicates with your surroundings all the time without your knowledge. All of us are both matter and energy. And yes, energy interacts with surrounding energies.


Fact #4

Your aura creates mystery around you. Your aura makes you more interesting or boring depending upon its quality. And then, depending upon that, a man might decide whether to pursue you further. This applies to both genders; even women decide whether to choose a man depending upon the aura he carries irrespective of his money, status and looks!


Fact #5

A woman who keeps her thoughts and intentions positive seems to carry a shining aura which can make a man respect her. When it comes to men, intelligent, wise and kind-hearted gentlemen seem to carry a bright aura. Powerful men carry an aura that dominates the surroundings and some women like that kind of an aura too.


Fact #6

Women who dress up in flashy outfits may get more number of men staring at them, but their aura might repel gentlemen in just a few minutes. This applies to men too. Imagine a man who shows off too much of his muscles, brags a lot about his money/father's status; would you feel attracted or repelled in the company of such an egotistic man?


Fact #7

A woman with a heart full of joy, gratitude, and other positive emotions tends to carry a very luminous aura which can make any man worship her. Such a woman doesn't need jewels, makeup or expensive clothes to make her look attractive to men.

This way, cleansing your aura and nourishing it can drastically transform your life on a different level. That is when you look beautiful both from inside and outside. That can attract the right people, relationships, connections and situations into your life whether you believe it or not!

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