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What Upsets Your Boyfriend

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Men may not like certain things that women do, but still they hesitate to tell them to a girlfriend openly. Well, they don't want to upset a woman by talking about unpleasant things.

Men do have certain fears and insecurities in them. That is why they too prefer to keep silent on some occasions.

For example, when you try to give feedback about your girlfriend's over-makeup, what if she says you are too insecure about her attractive looks? When you try to suggest your girlfriend to cover up her over-exposed cleavage, what if she says that you are trying to control her? Well, you would give up and prefer to stay silent, right?

In the same way, there are many other examples that actually upset men but they prefer to be silent. Here are they...


Too Much Of Lipstick

Of course, there is nothing wrong in trying different shades or applying too much of lipstick. But when you are going out with him, he may not like it but he won't tell you about that.


Grooming Every Moment

When you are with him in a public place, if you suddenly open your handbag, take the mirror and brush out and start giving touch ups to your make up, it would surely irritate him but he would be silent about it.


Too Much Of Perfume

A bit of perfume is good but when you apply too much of perfume, he may not like it. Also, spraying or applying any scented lotion near your privates would kill his pleasure as he likes to smell the natural fragrance of your body.



Sometimes, you may forget to properly remove hair in some places. But still, he may not feel free to talk about it to remind you.


Eye Makeup

Frankly speaking, he doesn't like that glitter and shimmer on your eyes. Heavy foundation and glittery makeup may ruin your natural beauty according to his opinions. But he won't talk about such things.


Too Much Of Cleavage

If your dress reveals too much of cleavage, that also could upset him but he is too scared to tell you about that.


If You Attract Others

If you seem to be attracting too many unwanted eyes with your body language, behaviour or clothes, he may not feel comfortable, but he will never admit that.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2016, 10:47 [IST]
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