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Strange Pregnancy Symptoms That Are Nothing To Worry About

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A missed period is usually the first sign that indicates that you may be pregnant. Nausea or morning sickness is also a very common sign. You may also feel very tired and sleepy. These are very common signs that most of us are aware of but there are certain signs that are seen during pregnancy that might leave us confused and bewildered.

Excess vaginal discharge is very common during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes taking place in your body. Vaginal discharge increases in the final stages of pregnancy. There is nothing to worry if the discharge is light yellow or white in colour.

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strange symptoms of pregnancy

However, visit a doctor if it becomes itchy and foul smelling. It could be yeast infection. Also, there is a reason for concern if the discharge is continuous and watery. It could be the amniotic fluid leaking.

strange symptoms of pregnancy

Spotting during pregnancy is normal. However if there is bleeding like a period, it could be placenta previa (a condition in which a part or all of the opening of the cervix is covered by the placenta) or a miscarriage. Go to the doctor immediately.

strange symptoms of pregnancy

You could get a nose bleed during pregnancy and your gums might also start bleeding. This is because of pregnancy hormones. There is nothing to worry about here. Ten percent of pregnant women suffer from varicose veins in the legs and the vulva. This is also perfectly normal.

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strange symptoms of pregnancy

Swelling and pain in the later stages of pregnancy are very normal. The hormone relaxin that is responsible for opening up the pelvis for the mother to deliver the baby affects the joints in the body during pregnancy. Hence it ends up causing back pain and sciatica pain.

strange symptoms of pregnancy

It is normal for your nipples and areolas to turn larger and darker during pregnancy. It is because of the increase in blood volume. It is also nature's way of preparing your body for the baby to breast feed conveniently.

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