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Post Delivery Surprises Every Mother Should Expect

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Delivery is no fun at all, and not to forget the postnatal stress and depression that some women go through.

According to experts, it is said that there are some surprises women face after the birth of their child. From a big and ugly-looking belly to continuous bleeding, there is no joy at all when it comes to basking in that postnatal feeling.

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To submerge in these feelings, every new mother should realise that this is a part and parcel of pregnancy. Along with that bundle of joy, you will also receive a whole lot of other problems that can make your life a living hell.

Post Delivery Surprises Every Mother Should Expect

So, the question that lies here is, what should every new mum expect after walking out from the delivery room?

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Here are some of the changes that take place in your body after the birth of your child. So, sit back, breathe and relax while taking a read at this article:

The Fundal Massage

The Fundal Massage: This is one of the worst massages in a woman's life. The fundal massage may sound fancy, but in reality, it is very painful and not so relaxing. After you have delivered, the doctor will press the stomach to ensure the uterus is contracting. This process is necessary, as it helps to decrease the bleeding after childbirth.


You Will Feel Earthquakes: According to a gynaecologist, this shaking is common. As quoted, "It's caused by a combination of the adrenaline from pushing as well as from hormonal shifts." However, if this uncomfortable feeling continues to occur for more number of days after the delivery, it might be a sign of an infection.

Painful Stitches

Painful Stitches: A lot of women have to undergo an episiotomy, which is surgical incision in the perineum, the area between the vagina and anus, to assist in the delivery of the baby's head. This little incision will be stitched, and after a period of time the stitches will dissolve on its own. If you have delivered via C-section, the healing process is longer and much more painful.

Blood, Blood & Blood Everywhere

Blood, Blood & Blood Everywhere: If you thought that you will only bleed at the time of labour, think again, you will also bleed after delivery for a couple of days. Known as lochia, this is bright red in colour and it usually decreases and becomes deeper in hue as the days progress. If the bleeding doesn't stop in a few weeks and there are a lot of clots formed, it is best to seek medical help, as it could be a sign of haemorrhage.


Swelling: Right after delivery, you will begin to have swelling in the legs and the vaginal area. This is normal and is nothing to fret about. However, if there is too much of swelling and if there are no signs of it reducing, it is best to seek medical attention at the earliest.

Loo Visits: Since your body is trying to get rid of a lot of fluids, you will still find the need to visit the loo frequently. If this problem doesn't cease in a couple of days, get medical help, as this problem may lead to an infection.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 26, 2016, 11:30 [IST]
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