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Strange Things That Happen To Women After Pregnancy

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When a baby is born, there is endless joy, celebration, friends, family and well-wishers all around the arrival of your little one. But, as soon as you head home, it is a different story, and the word ‘joy' flies out of the window in no time.

Here below are some of the strange things that happen to women right after pregnancy. One look at these things, it might make one think that the woman has gone insane. However, according to experts, women tend to get a little over emotional and hormonal, thus resulting to the chaos.

Strange Things That Happen To Women After Pregnancy

So, If your wife has been a little cranky off late, these reasons stated below will give you an explanation for her behaviour. After pregnancy, husbands need to understand that women need their space to get accustomed to their new role of being a mother.

Take a look at some of the strange things that happen to women/new mums after pregnancy. It will leave you feeling amazed! FYI: After pregnancy a woman changes - physically and mentally. So, be prepared!

She Walks Like A Zombie - New parents sleep walk throughout the day and stay away the entire night. It is usually the mums who have to stay up, since they need to breast-feed the child.

Cranky Baby = Cranky Mum

Dark Circles Make Her Look Sick - As mentioned, there are a lot of physical changes which takes place for a new mum. Dark circles engulfing the puffy eyes will make any woman look sick and pale.

Cranky Baby = Cranky Mum - One of the strange things that happen after pregnancy is this: if the baby is cranky, so is the mum! Though this is uncanny, it is a true thing.

Sexual Appetite Goes Down The Drain- Whether it's a c-section or a vaginal birth, every woman detests sex after pregnancy. This is one of the many things that effects a marriage.

She Is One Hungry Woman

She Is One Hungry Woman - Even after pregnancy, a woman still feels hungry all the time. This is because during breast-feeding, the baby absorbs all the nutrients and vitamins from the mother, leaving her to feel hungry.

Physical Appearances Get One Irritated - After pregnancy, physical changes are drastically seen in women. The belly still looks big, the buttocks still protrude and the breasts feel sensitive all the time. This is one of the many things that happen to a woman after pregnancy.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 5, 2015, 9:01 [IST]
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