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When Is It Safe To Travel After Pregnancy?

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Safe Travel Postnatal
It is a commonly conceived notion that traveling after pregnancy is not troublesome when compared to the gestation stage. This may not be true in the strictest sense. While you can travel happily in the first 6 months of your pregnancy, but traveling immediately after delivery may lead to certain complications. If you are planning to travel after your delivery, then you should plan it well.

Here are certain points to be keep in mind before making any travel plans after delivery.

4 Things To Remember:

1. Caesarean delivery?: If you had a caesarean delivery then you simply must not opt for a strenuous travel before one month. Travel after caesarean delivery is critical because the stitches are still fresh and need regular dressing. The stitches dissolve in about two days but, doctors recommend minimum 30 days bed rest. This eliminates possibilities of infection and hernia (an extra mass that grows from the surgical cut).

2. Distance Of Travel: If you are going to visit your relative half a mile away with the newborn, then you can definitely travel keeping precautions in mind. However, 2 weeks rest is important to allow the stitches to dry a little. But if you are planning to go out for an overseas business trip, then the long distance trip needs deliberation.

3. Mode Of Travel: Ideally, you should not fly for at least a month after a caesarean delivery. This is the standard rest period prescribed after any surgery. It is important to take rest and regain your strength after childbirth. The healing time period comes down to a week in case of a vaginal delivery. Road travel is safer but only for short distances. You shouldn't plan long road trips immediately after delivering. Trains are possibly the most comfortable mode of travel after your delivery, be it c section or normal.

4. Complications If Any: If you have had a simple, uncomplicated delivery that resulted in a vaginal birth, then there is no reason for you to restrict your travel substantially. But if you had a high risk pregnancy or faced a lot of complications during childbirth, then you will have to consult your doctor regarding the specifics of your case.

Travel after pregnancy has to be carefully planned and authorised by your obstetrician. Tell us more about your personal experiences of traveling post childbirth.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 16:24 [IST]
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