Postnatal Massage Techniques For Relaxation

Posted By: Gowri Nandini
Postnatal Massage
The birth of a baby is both an exhilarating and exhausting phase for every new mother. However, she has to get 'fit n fine' once again, to take good care of her baby as well as her family. These days new mothers cannot take advantage of a long and relaxing postnatal confinement period.

Postnatal massage is an ideal way to reduce the discomfort caused during labour. There is a huge strain on the lower body as the internal scars are healing. Similarly, breastfeeding might cause a strain on the shoulders and back. Therefore a good massage is a great option.

Seeking help from a professional is a good option when you are opting for a postnatal massage. Here are some common techniques that are used.

Postnatal Massage Techniques

1.Jamu Massage: One well-known massage technique is the Jamu massage, followed by the Indonesians. This massage helps in strengthening and tightening the stomach muscles. Earlier, a heated brick was used as a compress for the massage. It is now replaced with volcanic stones. Every massage session is followed with a binding, which is essential to help the tummy flatten at a faster pace.

2.Swedish Massage: A Swedish massage is ideal when it comes to postnatal massage. This type of massage includes effleurage, which means long stroking. It is then followed by petrissage, a method of kneading. This helps in toning the strained muscles. The next step is friction, which helps reduce muscle spasms. Tapotement includes stimulatory strokes that promote muscle contraction and blood circulation. Finally, a nerve stroke is given to suppress the stimulation of the nerves. The entire session is wrapped up with effleurage.

3.Foot Reflexology: Every point on our foot is associated with different parts of our body. Applying pressure on there points promotes overall energy to the whole body.

4.Accupressure: Accupressure, a part of Shiatsu technique, is also applied to relieve the discomforts caused after childbirth.

5.Herbal Baths: Herbal baths are also a part of a postnatal massage. This includes using various herbs, spices and roots. A bath in this daily water helps reduce soreness in veins, remove the odour of lochia and discharge, remove excess wind and help in relaxation.

When To Start a Postnatal Massage?

1.Normal Delivery: You can start within 4-5 days, i.e., whenever your feel most comfortable.

2.C-Section (Caesarean): You have to wait for at least 2 weeks. It's best to start after your gynecologist's approval.

3.Pre-mature Delivery: Depends on whether it is normal or caesarean.


  • Do not adopt deep massage techniques. If your massage leaves you tired and sore, it is not helping you. 
  • Do not do the massage on consecutive days.

Good postpartum care is important for a healthy you and a healthy baby. Follow these postnatal massage techniques to help yourself feel better and more relaxed. To learn more about the benefits of a postnatal massage, click here.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 28, 2011, 13:04 [IST]
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