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Taking Care Of Your Kid In Winter

By: Debdatta Mazumbder

Winter is the time when you have lots of fun and kids too love this season for the cold chilly weather, junk and hot spicy foods. But, as parents, this is the time when you keep worrying about your child.

Winter is also the season of diseases. From cough and cold to numerous allergies and influenza, winter presents all these to you.

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And kids are the easiest targets of the virus and bacteria during the winter season. Taking care of your kid during winter is very important.

How to take care of your kid in winter? During winter, kids lose body heat faster because of their small size. So, they become more prone to diseases.

But, is it easy to keep your children disciplined during the winter months? The tiny tots are fond of junk foods and as winter is party and picnic, they get enough chance to break rules.

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Taking care of your kid during winter is nothing tricky. Yes, your kids will run around as they try to avoid layers of clothes.

But, you will however ensure they do keep themselves warm by forcing them to wear their sweaters.

Also, here are some tips for you on how you can keep your kids warm and disease free. Have a look.


1. Let Them Drink More Water:

Kids tend to drink less water in winter. But, winter is the driest season. Kids do lots of activities throughout the day. If you don't make them drink enough water, they may suffer from dehydration. You can also make fruit smoothies.


2. Cover Them With Woolens:

This is one of the most vital tips for taking care of your kid during winter. They tend to remove woolens repeatedly. But, don't let them do so. Rather, give priority to their choices while buying woolens. They'll love to wear woolen Mickey Mouse caps, so select the ones of their choice.


3. Use Castile Soap:

Winter removes moisture from your kid's skin. Usual soaps contain detergent that can make a kid's skin drier and more flaky. Castile soaps can help you here. You can also use soaps with glycerin.


4. Check Their Diet:

Another most important tip for taking care of your kid during winter is to check on your kid's diet. It is important to keep your kids healthy, so that they can enjoy winter. Let them have seasonal fruits and vegetables enough to stay healthy.


5. Apply A Mild Moisturiser:

The winter sun is really enjoyable, but it also makes your baby's skin dry. Always apply moisturiser on your kid's skin to keep it soft and supple. Use baby creams, as those are free from harmful chemicals. Taking care of your kid during winter is simple.


6. Reduce The Bath Time:

Kids like to stay in a warm shower during winter. But, the hot water is not good for their skin, as it makes their skin dry quickly. Make sure your kid spends less time in the tub.


7. Use A Good Mosquito Repellant Cream:

Winter is the season of mosqitoes. And we all know how dangerous a mosquito bite can be. Hence, it is always best to apply some mosquito repellant cream on to your kid's skin to keep your kid away from the mosquitoes while your kid is out enjoying the weather.

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