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How To Care For Your Baby In Winter?

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The chilling winter season can be really brutal on the new born baby. It is quiet natural to be over-protective about your new born child. As the season is cold, the baby needs to be taken care of. During winters, most of the babies suffer from common cold, cough and fever. Also the baby's skin becomes dry so you have to look after the small baby in the winter season. With little extra attention to the baby's health and skin care, you can protect your child from health hazards. Here are few tips to protect your baby this winter.

Winter tips for baby care:

How To Care For Your Baby In Winter?

Warm: This is one of the most important winter tips that the new mother should keep in mind. The baby should be kept warm in the winters. Babies are sensitive so they are prone to cold, cough and fever. In this season, keep your baby warm by covering them with winter clothes. Babies do not like to stay covered so they will try to open the cap or jacket you have made them wear. Make sure you tie the cap so that the baby doesn't remove it.

Dry: During winters, the baby's skin becomes dry. To keep their skin soft and free from rashes, make sure you keep the baby dry. Keep changing the diapers. Apply baby powder on the genitals and back to prevent rashes. Moreover, wet clothes can increase the chances of cold and fever.

Moisturise: Baby's skin changes during the winter season. So, do not forget to follow this winter care tip. Apply moisturiser after giving a bath to your baby. Do not forget to give a oil massage before the bath. Warm oil massage soothes the baby, keeps him/her warm and also strengthens the bones.

Stay indoors: During winters, it is important to stay indoors. The season is very unhealthy for both the new mother and the child. If the mother drinks cold drinks or has something that leads to cold, even the baby will suffer (only if breastfeeding). So, to avoid health problems and care for your baby, stay indoors as much as possible during winters. If you want, you can sit under direct sunlight in the day time to grab some vitamin D and also kill bacteria on your skin and clothes.

Lip care: Chapped and dry lips are not only the skin problems of adults. Even young ones and babies suffer from this. Care for your baby's skin this winter by keeping them warm and moisturised. Apply lip balm or baby oil on the lips so that it remains soft.

These are few winter tips to care for your baby. How do you care for your baby in winters?

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 18, 2012, 12:12 [IST]
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