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When To Start Brushing Baby's Teeth?
Remember the rhyme that we were taught as kids? 'Brush up, brush down, brush round and round'. It still rings in our ears. However, do you remember at what age you started brushing your own teeth? I don't think many of ...
When To Start Brushing Baby Teeth

Baby Salivating A Lot? Find Out Why
Most babies drool a lot. That is one of reasons they are babies. They are allowed to salivate, drip, stain and make a mess of themselves. But if you feel that your baby is salivating a lot, substantially more than normal, ...
Ways To Calm Hyper Baby At Night
Your baby may not be having regular sleep problems. However, sometimes the baby does give you trouble with sleeping. This usually happens when the baby gets hyper at night. When the baby is hyper, it means he or she gets a ...
Ways To Calm Hyper Baby At Night
When Can Your Baby Drink Water?
Water is one basic necessity of life. We all need to drink water in order to survive. But when your baby comes into this world, you are faced with many different questions that you did not have before. Even the simple ...
Is Circumcision Healthy For Babies?
Most of the time, we look at circumcision as a religious ritual than a medical process. However, circumcision of babies is a medical process that has little to do with tradition or religion. Many parents have this question; Is circumcision healthy ...
Is Circumcision Healthy For Babies
Is Your Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk?
It is absolutely essential to keep your baby breastfed for the first 6 months after birth. However, breastfeeding has its own unique problems. When you are formula feeding the baby, you know exactly how much your baby is consuming. However, while ...
Is Your Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk
4 Reasons Your Baby's Head Is Sweating
Many new parents get worked up when they see that their baby's head is sweating. In fact, it comes under one of the frequently asked questions by parents. If your baby's head is sweating while sleeping or feeding, then don't rush ...
8 Teething Baby Problems & Remedies
There are very few tougher things to handle in the world than a teething baby. Usually, the problems of a teething baby are really tough to deal with. And the worst is, all these problems are symptomatic. These symptoms of teething ...
Eight Teething Baby Problems Remedies
7 Foods To Wean Baby From Breast Milk
Weaning your baby from breast milk is a difficult period for any mother. Not only this is difficult for you, it is also a troubled time for your baby. Ideally, you should breastfeed your baby for 6 months before you ...
Seven Foods To Wean Baby From Breast Milk
Possible Causes Of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
You might have noticed that new mothers usually get up suddenly in the middle of the night and check is their baby is breathing evenly. If you are a mother, you too might have had these moments of sudden anxiety. This ...
Why Baby Is Putting Fingers In Mouth Constantly
You must have got tried of telling your friends and family that your baby is putting his or her fingers in the mouth continuously. And the reply must have been, ‘Oh! What do you expect from a baby!' You get a ...
Why Baby Is Putting Fingers In Mouth Constantly
Ways To Make Your Baby Poop Regularly
If your baby poops regularly, it is a sign that your little one is healthy. Pooping is an essential bodily activity and tells you how your baby's digestive system is functioning. But sometimes, your baby may not poop for days. Don't ...
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