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Ways To Calm Hyper Baby At Night

Your baby may not be having regular sleep problems. However, sometimes the baby does give you trouble with sleeping. This usually happens when the baby gets hyper at night. When the baby is hyper, it means he or she gets a burst of energy suddenly and just won't go off to sleep. Do not confuse a cranky baby with a hyper one.

When your baby is cranky, he or she usually has a problem. The baby is either hungry or sleepy or is uncomfortable due to some sort of pain. But when the baby gets hyper, he or she does not really have any discomfort. Mostly, the baby is just excited and want to play with you instead of going to sleep. This is not a simple problem to solve because there is nothing wrong with the baby.

There is no harm is your baby gets hyper at night. However, if you are a working couple who has to get to work the next day, you will be too tired to play with the baby at night. To solve this problem, you need to learn ways to calm your baby.

Follow these simple tips to stop your baby from getting hyper at night.


Have an evening ritual

As the darkness sets in, there is a hormone that makes us feel sleepy. So let your baby know that the sun has set and it is evening time now. You could take your baby out to balcony once or switch on the lights at home to let your baby know that the day is nearing its end.


Don't Allow The Baby To Her Hyper Since Evening

Most parents think that if the baby gets all excited and plays a lot, he or she will get tired and sleep well at night. In reality, once the baby is hyper in the evening it becomes very difficult to calm the baby at night.


Maintain A Schedule

Always follow a set time-table for your baby. Babies are very sensitive to changes in their meal and sleep times. If you break with the schedule then the baby will get hyper at odd hours.


A Warm Bath

There is nothing more soothing than a warm bath to calm your baby's senses. Give you baby a lukewarm bath if it is summer. In the winter, you can try the bath only if your house is well heated. Some baby products help the baby to calm down at night.


Mommy & Baby Time

Night time is only mommy and baby time. There might be many people in your family but it is best to keep the baby away from too many people as night approaches. When the baby is around people, he or she gets excited and wants to interact.


Make It Dark

Always have a signal that tells your baby it is time to sleep. Switching off the lights and having a dim night lamp is a very good trigger for sleep.


Sing To The Baby

Babies recognise their mother's voice from the womb. So sing or hum to your baby as you hold him/her in your arms. It is a very soothing activity for them.


Silent Treatment

When all these methods fail, you can try this because you do not have any other option. Let your baby play in the a safe crib or cot and just watch from a distance. If your baby does not get any response from you, he or she will tire of playing and go to sleep on their own.

Story first published: Thursday, June 19, 2014, 14:35 [IST]
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