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Is Circumcision Healthy For Babies?

Most of the time, we look at circumcision as a religious ritual than a medical process. However, circumcision of babies is a medical process that has little to do with tradition or religion. Many parents have this question; Is circumcision healthy for babies? Should circumcision of baby boys be done only as part of tradition or is it a medical necessity for good genital health?


If you keep all your religious sentiments aside (which is not always possible), different medical experts have different opinions on this matter. However most experts seem to agree on the fact that circumcision for babies has no side effects. In the sense, it may not be necessary but it is rarely bad for your child to be circumcised.

On the contrary, there are some health benefits of circumcision for baby boys that are undeniable. Here are some facts that will help you find an answer to the question, 'Is circumcision healthy for male babies?'.

All male babies have phimosis until the age of 12 to 18 months. This means that the skin over their penis covers the opening of the penis. With age, the phimosis goes away as the penis grows larger.

It is not necessary for all male babies to undergo circumcision. They can learn to slide the skin over their penis without surgical help.

However, circumcision is healthy because it reduces the risk of penile cancer, urinary infections and also of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. That is why, you may consider surgery that has benefits in the long run.

Circumcision is painful for babies. Like any other surgical process, circumcision will hurt your baby. So if it is avoidable, you may not want your little one to be in pain.

If you want to circumcise your baby boy just as a precaution, then you should do it before he reaches his first birthday. That way he is less sensitive to the pain and it also heals quickly.

Circumcision is considered hygienic because it does not allow the drops of urine to stay back in the penis and thus lead to infections.

So now you must decide whether circumcision is healthy for your babies.

Story first published: Friday, June 13, 2014, 18:02 [IST]
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