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7 Simple And Easy Ways To Remove Ink Stains From Clothes
What could be more terrible than seeing your clothes stained by ink spots? Though all of us use ink to write important things, things can get messy if you let your pen write gibberish on your clothes. We are sure there ...
Ways To Remove Ink Stains From Clothes

It’s High Time You Assert! So Wear A T-Shirt
This year wear your heart out and shout out your thoughts to the world. Don't just sit and brood, go out and show your mood. Because it matters! It makes a difference when we articulate our deep-most hidden thoughts. And ...
It S High Time You Assert So Wear A T Shirt
Top 5 Indie Brands Perfect For Your Mood Swings
Are you one of those girls who sleeps after ironing her green skirt and wakes up wanting to wear something black? Are you yessing? We welcome you to this closed group, where the members sport outfits according to their whims ...
Do You Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them?
When you buy a new dress from a store , you want to immediately try them out and see how well it fits you! But don't you think there would have been n number of trials that the particular dress might ...
Do You Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them
Can Tight Clothes Cause Urinary Tract Infection
With the monsoon climate, comes the risk of urinary tract infections too. Moisture is the best friend of bacteria. When the humidity in the air is more, it isn't advisable to wear tight clothes. According to reports, one women among every ...
Can Tight Clothes Cause Urinary Tract Infection
Waitress With Revealing Clothes May Suffer Anxiety Disorders
Women working in bars and restaurants where they are required to be scantily clad may experience higher levels of anxiety and disordered eating, according to a new study.The study found that female servers in these types of restaurants -- dubbed as ...
Does Washing Clothes Kill Germs?
The main purpose of washing clothes is not only to get rid of the sweat odour from your clothes. It is more about getting rid of harmful bacteria from the clothes. They make you sick if they are allowed to breed. ...
Is Washing Clothes Enough To Kill The Germs
Sleeping Without Clothes: Healthy Or Not?
You need sleep to feel good and feel healthy. But simply rolling on the bed doesn't help. Your body needs to get quality sleep. And that's not easy. Insomnia has become a problem today. Though there are so many other remedies ...
How Often Should You Wash Your Stuff?
Your home, your surroundings, your clothes, your items and everything else in your life collects bacteria and dust over time. So, you may need to wash them. Forget about objects, you need to wash your body too; everyday, you go to ...
When Should You Wash Your Stuff
Clothings That Had To Be Banned
There are many things that get banned for no reason and then there are a few that need to be banned in the first place. Here, we shall let you know of the clothes that had to be banned, since they ...
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