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Best Tips To Detox Your Wardrobe


Before we talk about what are the best ways to detox your closet, simply check your wardrobe first. What do you see? Maybe a few clothes that you don't fit into, accessories you think are out of vogue, and more such wardrobe essentials that simply add to pile up. If this is what your current wardrobe looks like, you need to detoxify it.

Image: Pexels

Wonder why you need to rearrange or declutter the wardrobe? Here are a few reasons.

1. Clothes or accessories which have never been worn for more than six months, chances are you will not wear them in near future either. Such pieces need to go out of the wardrobe.

2. In a disarranged wardrobe, you may not find what you are looking for when needed urgently. So clothes that get hidden under the pile never see daylight. You end up wearing the same clothes which are within your reach and view.

3. You lose a track of what you have and what you don't possess. Sometimes, you end up buying a similar type of clothing or other wardrobe essentials without realizing you already own it. The reason? Your wardrobe isn't organized and has no clue what is there available in your closet.

4. You understand the fact of giving away some of the things in your closet for good purposes like charity or refurbishing but simply brush the thought off due to time constraints or sheer laziness. It happens, won't you agree?

5. Detoxifying the wardrobe is on your to-do list. But don't have a clue, how to go about it!

If you agree to any of these above-mentioned reasons, then congrats. You are one step closer to giving your closet a newfound meaning!

Here are some best tips to detox your wardrobe:

Clean The Wardrobe

The first step towards decluttering your closet is to clean it. For that, remove everything that's there present in your wardrobe. Clean the cupboard thoroughly. Sort the clothes which you require and don't require anymore. Clothes, accessories, and other essentials which you don't need can be given to repurpose, refurbishings, DIY, or charity purposes.

Follow The Layout

It is very essential to pay attention to the layout of the clothes. Arrange the clothes in a such way that you find what you need to wear on a daily basis. So daily wear, formal wear outfits, should be kept at hand reach. Keep the accessories separate and organized so that you can reach out to the same after getting dressed.

Keep Similar Clothing Together

Similar types of clothes like tops, denim, and more can be kept and arranged together. Arrange them as per the colours as it gets easier to locate the one which you may require at a particular time.

Image: Pinterest

Arrangers, Dividers Are The Best Bet

Assuming you have drawers and dividers in your wardrobe, utilize them properly. Store and arrange clothing essentials like daily wear, formal wear, loungewear, lingerie, etc in shelf dividers or hangers. Hang accessories like necklaces, belts, scarves, bags, etc on hooks or accessory organizers. If possible, make a separate space for arranging the shoes.

Opt For Uniform Hangers

Hang and arrange the clothes on uniform hangers to give them a sorted, uniform look. Invest in wooden, felt hangers that look aesthetically pleasing. Keep the clothes arranged as per style or colours.

Leave Some Empty Space

Leave Some Space for the new stuff. After you arrange and de-clutter your closet, you will realize how much space it created for future purchases. But hold on, just because you have enough space for new things, doesn't mean you fill it in one go. Buy responsibly. Invest in pieces that are worth spending your money on. If possible, choose eco-friendly, organic ensembles, and wardrobe essentials that don't harm nature.

Plus having some empty space in the closet gives a life perspective of - being content with what you have. We humans don't need much!

Story first published: Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 18:30 [IST]
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