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Boost Your Kid's Immunity For Winter

By: Sneha A
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Winter is the season of cold and flu for kids. As much as they love going out and playing with the snow, some of them may end up falling sick easily. In such cases, none of the antibiotics may seem to cure this problem permanently. Many kids may develop infections that affect their respiratory tract and this may lead to cough, cold, runny nose, sore throat, etc. This may make them feel miserable and it can become a pain for the parents to watch their kids like this. However, it’s not like you cannot do anything about it. We’ve always heard that prevention is better than cure and this is the time to imply it. Importance Of Ragi For Children

There are a number of measures, which you can take, in order to know how to increase your kid’s immunity level during winter. We have listed some great tips to increase your kid’s immunity in winter and boost up their body’s defense mechanism. By following these simple tips, you can help your child develop a very strong resistance towards such viruses of cold and flu and save them from the trauma of falling sick every year during winters.

Hence, there is no need for you to dread the coming of winters anymore. Take these mentioned measures beforehand and let your child enjoy this season.

natural ways to boost

1. Increase The Immune-Boosting Supplements
Increase the immunity-enhancing supplements in your child’s daily regimen, specially focusing on vitamin D and some vitamin C. Also, give them some pro-biotic/pre-biotic to allow their gut to have a conducive and healthy system, which in turn can boost up their immunity level.

natural ways to boost

2. Add Some Zinc
Zinc, when taken regularly for at least 5 months, can help the body to develop a strong resistance towards viral infections. The dosage depends on the age of your kid and you can consult your pediatrician for confirming it. Zinc can be added to their diet by natural means like oysters, cashews, pumpkin seeds, lamb, etc.

natural ways to boost

3. Keep A Control On The Quantity Of Sugar
Sugar affects the immunity system to a great deal and not in a good way. Consuming a lot of sugar can reduce the immunity response of the body and make your child vulnerable to the viruses of cold and flu.

natural ways to boost

4. Bone Broth
Adding bone broth all during winter is an amazing way to keep those stubborn cold viruses at bay. This is power packed with all the essentially required nutrition that gives a great boost to the immune system of your kids.

5. Saline Rinse
Respiratory infections can be controlled by using nasal saline rinse at least twice a week. If your kid is not too small, you can add this to his/her schedule and see the significant improvement in his/her condition.

natural ways to boost

6. Change Their Diet
Diet plays a vital role in defining the strength of the immune system of a person. It’s hard to keep the kids away from fast foods that hinder the improvement of their immune system, but if you ensure to include more of green veggies, fresh fruits and proteins in their diet, it will get your child to build up a stronger immune system.

7. Essential Oils
A regular massage of therapeutic essential oils can help your child’s body to fight off the sickness-causing viruses in a much better and stronger way.

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