Woman's Blood Pressure Before Pregnancy Can Predict Baby's Gender!

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If you are a pregnant woman, you and your family members would obviously be curious to know whether you are going to have a boy or a girl, right? Well, did you know that a woman's blood pressure before pregnancy may actually be able to predict the gender of your baby?

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Yes, as strange as it sounds, this theory has actually been backed by a recent research study.

Now, as many of us might already be aware, in many countries, including India, revealing the gender of a baby by the doctors, while the woman is pregnant, is against the law.

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Because of certain negative incidents that still occur, like female foeticide, gender detection has been prohibited in the country.

However, there are many of us who would want to know the gender of our babies, for positive reasons, such as selecting a name, buying gender-specific clothes before the baby is born, etc.

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So, let us see how the blood pressure of the mother before pregnancy can predict the baby's gender. Here are a few facts.


Fact #1

Recently, a research study was conducted by Dr. Ravi Retnakaran, an endocrinologist at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital to assess if the blood pressure of women before pregnancy can predict the baby's gender.


Fact #2

Dr. Ravi Retnakaran and his research team, conducted a study on about 1400 married women, who were trying to have a child.


Fact #3

The research team checked the blood pressure of these women, about 26 weeks before conception.


Fact #4

It was found that women with higher systolic blood pressure were more likely to conceive a male child, whereas women with a lower blood pressure index were more likely to conceive a girl child.


Fact #5

Dr. Retnakaran said that, the blood pressure of a woman is indicative of her internal physiology and also lets us know if she will be able to carry a baby of a specific gender of 9 months. The internal physiology of a woman, plays an important role in the gender of the baby.


Fact #6

This research study, which was also published in the American Journal of Hypertension, has said that if a woman manipulates her blood pressure to conceive a baby of a specific gender, it will not work.


Fact #7

Dr. Ravi Retnakaran also said that the link between the woman's blood pressure and the baby's gender must be researched further for a better understanding.

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