Does It Take Longer For Obese Couple To Get Pregnant?

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Most of us may already be aware of the fact that obesity is a serious health condition, right? We know that it has many side effects and can also harm your health negatively. However, do you think obesity can also affect fertility?

Obesity can be described as a health condition in which, a person's body weight is above normal, as in, the BMI (basal metabolic index) rate is above the healthy range.

Obesity And Delayed Pregnancy Link

When people suffer from obesity, they are at the risk of developing other serious ailments like, joint pain, fatigue, high cholesterol, hypertension, fatigue, heart diseases and so on.

In fact, obesity is the root cause of numerous other diseases, apart from the ones mentioned above.

Some of the most common causes for obesity are, lack of a proper diet and exercise regime, overeating, heredity, hormonal imbalances, etc.

Recently, a research study has found that when both the partners are obese, it could be more difficult for them to conceive a child.

Learn all of about the research study, here.

Obesity And Delayed Pregnancy Link

The Link Between Obesity And Fertility

Recently a group of researchers, from the National Institutes Of Health conducted a study on obese couples who were obese.

It was found that, about 59% of the obese couples took a longer time to have a child, compared to couples who had a healthier weight.

Obesity And Delayed Pregnancy Link

The researchers conducted a study on two groups of couples who were trying for a child.

The first group of couples included people whose BMI was over 35 and the second group included people with BMI ranging between 20-30.

So, it was found that the first group of couples, who were obese, or, had a higher BMI, took longer to get pregnant.
The researchers say that the amount of fat deposited in the body plays an important role when it comes to fertility.

When there is excess fat stored in the body, certain reproductive hormones may not function well, the quality of the eggs in women and sperm in men can also deplete, causing delayed pregnancies.

In conclusion, it was found that obese couples take a longer time to have a child, in most cases.

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Story first published: Monday, February 6, 2017, 15:34 [IST]
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