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Are Too Many Ultrasound Scans Harmful?

Is ultrasound harmful? Is ultrasound safe for foetus? During pregnancy, you tend to frequently go for blood tests, routine checkups and ultra sound scans to ensure that everything goes perfect.

During the first trimester, ultrasound scans are done mainly to evaluate the health of the foetus. But is ultrasound scan safe in pregnancy? Of course, your doctor won't allow you to go for a scan if it isn't safe.

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But what if too many scans aren't safe? How much is too much? If you have such doubts, then read on...


Is Ultrasound Safe For Foetus?

There isn't any evidence that claims that ultrasound is dangerous to the mother or the baby during pregnancy.


What's Ultra Sound?

It is nothing but usage of sound waves which are of high frequency. Those waves help in detecting the growth and development of the foetus.

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How Else Do Scans Help?

Scans help in detecting any abnormalities in the ovaries, amniotic fluid as well as the placenta too.


Why It Is Safe?

Ultrasound scan doesn't involve harmful radiation and therefore, it isn't harmful during pregnancy. It is different from X ray or the CT scan.


Does It Cause Birth Defects?

No. The current studies claim that ultrasound scanning doesn't result in birth defects, cancer or any other developmental issue in the foetus.


When Is It Used More?

High risk pregnancies need more scanning. Mothers who have conditions like high BP or diabetes may need to frequently check the status of the foetus through scans.

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Too much of anything is bad and the same applies to even ultra sound scans. One issue is with the heat.

These scans raise the temperature of the bones and the internal environment. Though current studies say that it isn't so harmful, it is better to use the scanning technology in moderation.

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