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What Is HELLP Syndrome? What Are Its Symptoms?
Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in a woman's body. For some women the whole period of pregnancy may be an absolute breeze. For others, they may have to face many complications which can put them and their baby's life ...
What Is Hellp Syndrome What Are Its Symptoms
What Causes Symbrachydactyly? How Is It Treated?
Have you come across kids or babies with missing or short fingers/ toes or even webbed feet and fingers? Well, this condition is called symbrachydactyly. It is a congenital condition, which happens when the baby is inside the mother's womb. Contrary ...
What Is Foetal Pleural Effusion And What Causes It?
Foetal pleural effusion is a condition where there is an accumulation of fluid in the area between the lungs and the chest cavity of the foetus. This space normally contains some amount of fluid in order for the smooth movement of ...
Foetal Pleural Effusion Causes Diagnosis And Treatment
Can Noise Affect The Foetus Or The Newborn?
Many women work in noisy surroundings, such as working with machines, loud music, crowds of people, guns, trucks, sirens or airplanes. Working in a noisy surrounding, especially, when you are pregnant, can affect your hearing and stress levels and may also ...
How To Make Your Cervical Mucus More Fertile
How to make your cervical mucus more fertile?Are you finding it tough to get pregnant? The role of cervical mucus in the process of getting pregnant cannot be underestimated. Without the mucus, the sperm cells cannot fertilise the eggs. Are you ...
How To Make Your Cervical Mucus More Fertile
Are Too Many Ultrasound Scans Harmful?
Is ultrasound harmful? Is ultrasound safe for foetus? During pregnancy, you tend to frequently go for blood tests, routine checkups and ultra sound scans to ensure that everything goes perfect. During the first trimester, ultrasound scans are done mainly to evaluate ...
Are Energy Drinks Safe During Pregnancy?
Are energy drinks safe during pregnancy? You may have already prepared a list of foods that can be eaten and those that are to be avoided during pregnancy. But you might have missed out one item in the list of foods ...
Energy Drinks During Pregnancy
Effects Of Pesticides On Foetus!
We generally try to wash the vegetables that we buy from the market to ensure that the remnants of pesticides are totally washed out from the outer surface of the veggies. We also try to use pesticide free organic produce as ...
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