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Are Energy Drinks Safe During Pregnancy?


Are energy drinks safe during pregnancy? You may have already prepared a list of foods that can be eaten and those that are to be avoided during pregnancy.

But you might have missed out one item in the list of foods to be avoided during pregnancy. It is energy drinks! Are energy drinks safe during pregnancy?

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If you are wondering why seemingly harmless energy drinks must be avoided during pregnancy, read on to know about the reasons.


What Do Energy Drinks Contain?

Well, they have vitamin B, carbs and of course, caffeine too. Are carbs and vitamin B harmful during pregnancy? No, but caffeine isn't good in excess during pregnancy. Say no to energy drinks when pregnant.


How Much Is Too Much?

Anything more than 200mg of caffeine within a span of 24 hours is bad for health. If you have the habit of drinking coffee or eating pastries that contain caffeine, you are already getting too much of caffeine. An energy drink will overload you with caffeine.

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Can You Drink It In Moderation?

Though some may think that drinking energy drinks in moderation may not do any harm, it is advisable to avoid them during pregnancy.

Why? Well, the amount of caffeine varies from one brand to another and moreover the overall caffeine content in your overall diet may go unnoticed. So, your calculations may go wrong and over dosage of caffeine could occur which isn't good during pregnancy.


Do Studies Warn Of Any Danger?

Though there are studies which claim that too much of caffeine is bad during pregnancy, there aren't enough studies done on energy drinks during pregnancy.


What Are Its Other Effects?

Those drinks may also contain sugar that gives unwanted calories that may lead to fat accumulation as well as blood sugar issues.

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Does It Affect The Foetus?

Well, too much of caffeine could even impact the growth of the foetus and could cause heart palpitations to the mother. Therefore, it is better to avoid energy drinks at least during pregnancy.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 10, 2017, 6:19 [IST]
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