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Can Pregnant Women Work In The Night Shift?


Can pregnant women work in the night shift? Well, this is a common doubt that occurs to many women because night shifts affect sleep cycles.

Do irregular sleep cycles affect the health of the foetus? Does it increase the risk of miscarriage?

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Experts say that there is no link between the risk of miscarriage and working in night shifts. The main reasons behind miscarriages are autoimmune disorders, abnormalities in the fertilised egg or other issues in the uterus.

Currently, there isn't any evidence that says night shifts, fatigue or irregular sleep patterns could raise the risk of a miscarriage.

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But does it mean that night shifts are okay during pregnancy? Well, no. Sleep is very important for a pregnant woman and the foetus.

Lack of enough sleep could affect pregnancy in other ways. Some surveys claim that women who don't get enough sleep may face difficulties at the time of labour and may need to go for a C section.

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How much sleep is needed? Well, at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep is required during pregnancy and night shifts may drastically reduce the quality of sleep.

Night shift workers tend to drink coffee or smoke to stay awake. These habits are very dangerous for pregnant women. So, it would be wiser to avoid night shifts during pregnancy.

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