Is It Safe To Use Vibrators During Pregnancy?

Is it safe to use vibrators during early pregnancy? Well, it is not an easy question to answer. Firstly, pregnancy is a very stressful phase and it is quite natural to look for ways to relax and feel good.

Release of oxytocin surely helps one feel good. An orgasm can surely release oxytocin and help a person cope up with the stress.

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The question is: are vibrators safe during pregnancy? Well, read on to know about the answers.


Is It Safe To Use Vibrators During Pregnancy?

Well, health experts say that it is safe only if there aren't any bleeding issues in the person. When there aren't any such bleeding complications, vibrators can be used throughout the pregnancy.

When Is It Dangerous?

In the first trimester, if you experience any complications related to pregnancy (miscarriage signs) then it is advisable to completely avoid vibrators or even penetrative sex.

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Is It Okay To Use If There Are No Complications During The First Stages?

Even during the later stages of pregnancy, if there are any issues (cervical issues, placenta issues or any other pregnancy issues) then vibrators are to be strictly avoided.

Other Precautions

Even if there are no pregnancy-complications, it is advisable to stay away from such pleasure devices. If one wants to still use them, it is better to wash them thoroughly before using. Also, sharing the device with anyone would increase the risk of infections including STDs.

One Misconception

There is a misconception that is circulating. Some think that a vibrator can induce labour. Well, that's a myth. It isn't advisable to try such methods to trigger labour.

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Bottom Line

Though orgasms help release oxytocin which helps a great deal during pregnancy, you may need to consult the doctor before involving in any type of sexual activity during pregnancy.

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