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Will Pregnancy Affect Your Partner’s Desire?

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Many women wonder whether pregnancy could kill the desire in their men. But in fact, many men find their partners attractive even during the phase of pregnancy.

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But most of the men may not feel the desire during that phase for many reasons. Firstly, thoughts of responsibilities and burdens could reduce the desire.

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Also, men worry that intercourse during pregnancy may hurt the foetus. And of course, it is better to consult your physician about the same.

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When the couple spends more time together talking about their fears and anxieties, they will be able to relax and feel normal.

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Health experts recommend spending quality time together. Physical intimacy matters more in that phase more than intercourse.

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So, even though pregnancy affects the desire levels in both men and women at various stages, intimacy is the key to feel better and pass through the stages.

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So, if you find your partner's desire waning during that phase, don't worry as things will soon be normal. Also, talk to your doctor if you have any concerns regarding the same.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 7:46 [IST]
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