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Why Women Should Eat Chocolate During Pregnancy?

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Most of us might already know about those famous food cravings that pregnant women experience.

It is said that about 80% of the pregnant women, across the globe, crave for different foods during that phase.

Additionally, pregnancy is also a period where a to-be mother is encouraged to eat more than usual, so as to take in enough nutrients to keep herself and her unborn baby healthy.

Although overeating is not advisable during pregnancy, it is important to eat enough to avoid anaemia, weight loss and other health complications related to nutritional deficiencies.

Some of the common foods that pregnant women are known to crave for during pregnancy are pickles, raw mangoes, sweets, chicken dishes and even chocolates!

is chocolate safe for pregnant woman

While it is a fact that chocolates do come with certain health benefits, we may not be sure if it is a good idea to consume chocolates during pregnancy, as it is linked to weight gain, acne, etc.

So, if you are a pregnant woman who loves chocolates, here is some good news!

A new research has concluded that eating chocolates during pregnancy is healthy for both the mother and the baby!

Benefits Of Chocolates During Pregnancy

The new research conducted studies on pregnant women who were asked to consume chocolates on a regular basis.

The researchers found that the antioxidants and nutrients in chocolates can help prevent a condition called pre-eclampsia in pregnant women.

Pre-eclampsia is a condition, wherein the mother's blood pressure becomes abnormally high around the 20th week of pregnancy, leading to serious health risks for herself and her baby.

Pre-eclampsia can lead to miscarriages, premature births and, in worst-case scenarios, it can even lead to the death of the mother or child.

is chocolate safe for pregnant woman

The research study has opined that consuming chocolates on a regular basis can improve the blood circulation in a pregnant woman's body.

Also, chocolate is known to make the placenta stronger. As we all know, placental health is very crucial to deliver a healthy baby.

Consumption of chocolate is also known to boost foetal development, thereby proving to have a lot of health benefits for a pregnant woman.

Dark chocolate is said to be more beneficial when it comes to pregnant woman, compared to the other types.

The researchers opined that if a woman consumes about 5 servings of chocolate in a week, she can benefit from it greatly!

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