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    What Happens If You Drink Soft Drinks During Pregnancy?

    In most women's life, pregnancy is a celebration. The minute a woman conceives, she is pampered, and her loved ones make sure that she gets to eat all her favourite foods!

    In fact, eating more is encouraged during pregnancy, as the to-be mother has to put on a healthy amount of weight to have a safe pregnancy.

    This coupled with her food craving often makes a pregnant woman indulge is over-eating or snacking on unhealthy foods, which is definitely not safe for her and her unborn baby.

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    Over-eating during pregnancy can lead to obesity, digestive problems, high blood pressure, etc. These health conditions may potentially harm the health of the pregnant women and may also cause health complications in their newborn babies.

    So, it is best if the pregnant woman watches what she consumes. She should stick to a healthy diet, prescribed by her doctor, that can supply her and her newborn with all the essential nutrients.

    affects of soft drinks on pregnant woman

    There are certain specific ingredients and foods that have to be avoided by the women during their pregnancy phase for the safety of themselves and their newborns.

    Although, it may be hard to give up on their favourite foods and drinks during pregnancy, the to-be mothers will soon get used to it.

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    Did you know that consuming aerated drinks and artificially sweetened beverages can be harmful to your baby? Read all about it, here!

    Is It Safe To Consume Aerated Drinks During Pregnancy?

    A recent research study has found that pregnant woman who consume aerated drinks, soda pops, artificially sweetened drinks and the likes, may deliver infants who are more prone to obesity in their childhood.

    Experts have opined that pregnant women, who consume soft drinks on a regular basis, may give birth to babies who have a higher BMI (Body Mass Index), compared to the other infants their age.

    affects of soft drinks on pregnant woman

    Especially during the first year of their lives, infants, whose mothers have consumed soft drinks on a regular basis during pregnancy, can be affected by metabolic disorders and weight issues.

    It is extremely unhealthy and potentially dangerous for an infant to have metabolic and weight problems in the early stages.

    Hence, it is best if the pregnant woman avoids the consumption of aerated drinks and artificially sweetened drinks, as they are high in sugar and calories, which may affect the health of both herself and her baby.

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