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7 Worst Mistakes Divorced Parents Make

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"Divorce is like amputation, you survive, but there is less of you", this is a popular quote which showcases the damage a divorce can do to the lives of all the people involved.

A divorce involves a married couple splitting up for good, legally, putting an end to their marriage.

A divorce can create a lot of disturbance and pain for the couple, both psychologically and financially.

There might be numerous reasons for a divorce, but the end result is just a whole lot of pain and complications.

A divorce becomes even more devastating when there are children involved. The children have to watch the parents go through the entire process of divorce and separation.

Not having both the parents living in the same house, the constant fights, the psychological trauma experienced by their parents, etc, can in turn affect the children in a highly negative way.

So, the parents need to deal with the whole process of getting a divorce very carefully, making sure that there is minimum psychological trauma experienced by the children.

Sometimes, divorced parents tend to make a few mistakes that can have negative consequences on their children, here is a list of such mistakes, have a look.


Mistake #1

Asking your child to choose whom they want to live with. This can be a very hard choice for them and fill them with more sadness and guilt. It is always best if a mutual custody is agreed upon.


Mistake #2

Making your child the messenger, when you do not want to talk to your partner anymore, is the biggest mistake that divorced parents make. This behaviour can make the child feel like he/she has to bear the burden of your separation.


Mistake #3

Not reassuring them that the divorce will not change the way you love your child as parents. Most times, children fear that a divorce may lead to the parents ignoring them.


Mistake #4

Venting out your pain in front of your children to gain sympathy. Your children have already suffered a lot from your decision to separate. Hence, showing emotional weakness in front of them can worsen their mental state.


Mistake #5

Trying to turn your child against your spouse. While it is understandable that you have bitterness towards your spouse, you cannot try and make your child have negative feelings towards his/her other parent.


Mistake #6

Hiding things from your kids, related to the separation and divorce, can make them feel alienated and also give them an impression that they are not a part of the family anymore.


Mistake #7

Constantly bickering and fighting in front of your children, especially if they are younger, can lead to serious psychological trauma and depression in the kids.

Story first published: Wednesday, June 15, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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