Do Women Who Have Late Pregnancies Live Longer?

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The title of this article may have confused some of us, right? Is it really a fact that women who get pregnant later on in life tend to live longer?

Well, normally, women are told that they should have their first child before they turn 30 and it is also believed that having children after the age of 35 can put a woman's health and her baby's health at risk!

So, most women fear that they may face a lot of complications if they try to have kids after a certain age and tend to rush the whole process, sometimes even if they are not ready for it!

can women with late pregnancies live longer

Today, where many women are career-oriented or love to travel the world and often look forward to new experiences, may want to postpone getting pregnant, and it is common to see many women putting off pregnancies until later on in life.

However, they always fear that late pregnancies can lead to health complications and birth defects, which are quite valid.

But the good news is, a recent research study has found that women who give birth to children much later in their lives may tend to live longer!

Late Pregnancies And Longevity Of The Mother

The research study conducted a survey on first-time mothers who had given birth between the ages of 30-35 and concluded that the rate of longevity in these mothers had increased by at least 28%!

Out of the 20,000 women who were surveyed, it is noted that about 54% of them lived up to the age of 90!

In addition, the research study has also found that, among most of the surveyed mothers who have given birth later on in life and who also lived to be at least 90, had an ideal body weight.

can women with late pregnancies live longer

So, researchers feel that having a healthy body weight, even after giving birth at a later stage in life, may also have contributed to the longevity of these mothers.

However, the research also found out that women who give birth to their first child, between the ages of 30 and 35, are more at the risk of developing conditions like gestational diabetes and the instances of stillbirth are also more likely to occur.

So, in conclusion, it could be a fact that women who get pregnant for the first time, later on in life, can live longer; however, they must also be aware of the negative effects of late pregnancies!

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Story first published: Monday, December 5, 2016, 15:31 [IST]
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