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Common Diet Mistakes Pregnant Women Must Avoid!

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Are you someone who is on the way to becoming a mother? If yes, then you should make yourself aware of some of the common diet mistakes to avoid.

When it comes to pregnancy, having a healthy lifestyle is extremely important, as your body and mind need to be ready for pregnancy and childbirth.

In addition, pregnancy is a very delicate phase of a woman's life, in which her health is of utmost importance because if she is in good health, then a lot of pregnancy and childbirth-related complications can be avoided.

A healthy lifestyle during pregnancy includes following a healthy diet pattern. If the mother's body is well nourished, she can expect her unborn to remain healthy as well.

A to-be mother's nutrition is extremely important for the unborn's growth and development.

If the mother has a poor diet plan, then both she and her unborn may suffer from some serious consequences.

So, here are a few diet mistakes that must be completely avoided when you are pregnant, have a look.


1. Avoid Processed Meat

Diet mistakes to avoid when pregnant is completely keep processed meat away, as it may contain disease-causing bacteria.


2. Avoid Salads

Many salads may contain harmful microbes that may cause diseases, as the veggies are not heated or cooked.


3. Say No To Cold Juices

One important pregnancy diet tip is to avoid drinking cold juices, as it may cause common cold or viral flu, which is not good for the mother and baby.


4. Raw Fish Is A Strict No

Diet mistakes to avoid when pregnant is to eliminate raw fish from your diet, as harmful bacteria grow in abundance in seafood.


5. Undercooked Eggs Should Be Avoided

Again, if you want to avoid microbial infections during pregnancy, avoid consuming undercooked eggs often.


6. Limit Your Coffee Intake

Consuming a high amount of caffeine during pregnancy can be linked to miscarriages, so this is one diet mistake to avoid.


7. Eliminate Animal Liver

A diet mistake to avoid when pregnant is to eliminate animal liver from your diet, as its high vitamin A content can cause birth defects.


8. Avoid Excess Eating

Many pregnant women are encouraged to overeat, as they are eating told to be "eating for two"; however, this habit can lead to indigestion and obesity.


9. Say No To Alcohol At Any Cost

Indulging in drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage and foetal alcohol syndrome, so it is best to avoid this during pregnancy.


10. Papaya Also Must be Avoided

A diet tip to follow during pregnancy is to avoid papaya, as it is linked with miscarriages and is usually not advised to be had during pregnancy.


11. Avoid Sugary Foods

Eating excess sugary foods during pregnancy can increase the chances of gestational diabetes in women. Here's a diet advice to always keep in mind.


12. Spicy Foods Must Be Avoided

A diet mistake to avoid during pregnancy is eating extra spicy foods, as they may cause indigestion and can also be linked with miscarriages. So, make sure you go easy on your food intake and prefer mild spices to be used while cooking food during pregnancy.

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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