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Papaya 101: Everything You Need To Know About The Fruit
Papaya, scientifically known as Carica papaya L. is a renowned fruit worldwide due to the amazing health benefits it provides. Whether it's raw or ripe ones, leaves or seeds, dried papaya or papaya oil, every part and form of papaya is ...
Papaya 101 Everything You Need To Know About The Fruit

People With These Medical Conditions Should Avoid Eating Papaya
Papaya is a well-known fruit available worldwide, especially in tropical and subtropical areas. The fruit is loaded with vitamins like A, C, B and E; minerals like potassium and magnesium; phenolic compounds like beta-carotene, glucosinolates and tocopherols; along with folate, dietary ...
Some Amazing Benefits Of Papaya For Babies
Diet and nutrition play a vital role in promoting health and preventing the risk of diseases in babies. Though the primary source of nutrition in newborns is breast milk, studies say that once a baby starts on solid foods, which is ...
Benefits Of Papaya For Babies
Health Benefits Of Dried Papaya And How It Is Prepared
Dried papaya is the papaya fruit pulp that is converted into its dried form. Another dried form of the fruit is papaya powder that is mainly prepared by concentrating the papaya juice and then drying it. Papaya seeds are also dried ...
Are Papayas A Healthy Choice For People With Diabetes?
Diabetes is a progressive chronic disease that can negatively affect human health and overall wellbeing. Combating hyperglycemia or say managing high glucose levels in the body is highly associated with lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise. Certain fruits such as ...
Are Papayas A Healthy Choice For People With Diabetes
22 Incredible Health Benefits Of Papaya Leaves
Papaya leaves are equally famous for their health benefits as the fruit papaya. They have incredible medicinal properties that can help manage several conditions like dengue, menstrual pain and inflammation. According to a study, papaya leaves contain enzymes called papain ...
5 Papaya Face Masks To Remove Facial Hair
Removing facial hair through waxing or threading can be a painful task as these methods can cause potential damage to the skin. Use of epilators, trimmers, and razors will only make the situation worse because sometimes the hair grows back ...
Papaya Face Packs To Remove Facial Hair
DIY Papaya Scrub For A Clear Skin
The health and beauty benefits that papaya has is something that we all are aware of. We normally apply papaya in the form of masks to brighten our skin. The exfoliating properties of papaya help in removing the dead skin cells, ...
Diy Papaya Scrub For A Clear Skin
4 Effective Natural Remedies Using Papaya To Treat Acne
Acne is characterised by stubborn zits that can make you feel uneasy at times. They are mainly caused when the pores are clogged with excess oil, dirt and other impurities. This eventually becomes the breeding ground for bacteria which lead to ...
10 Amazing Benefits Of Eating Papaya Daily
The health benefits of papaya are both internal and external; from improving your digestion and strengthening the immune system to nourishing the skin and stimulating hair growth. Read this article to find out what happens if you eat a slice of ...
What Happens If You Have A Slice Of Papaya Daily
Get Glowing Skin With These Papaya Face Packs
Papaya is a very common fruit found in every household in India. We all have had papayas and papaya juice. Papaya contains all the required minerals and vitamins for the human body. These help in increasing the immunity of the human ...
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