Can Pregnancy Lead To Changes In The Mother's Brain?

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If you are a woman who is going through pregnancy, you would be experiencing a lot of physical and emotional changes, right? However, is it possible for certain changes in the brain of the mother to occur during pregnancy?

As we may have noticed, pregnant women go through a lot of physical changes, such as, weight gain, expansion of the hip and stomach regions, unwanted body hair development, swollen feet, etc.

Also, due to the various hormonal imbalances that occur in the pregnant lady's body, she can also experience certain emotional changes like mood swings, depression, etc.

Pregnancy & Brain Changes

So, pregnancy can be a trying period for the to-be mother and the people around her and it is important to be aware of certain changes happening in her body during that period, in order to prevent health complications.

Recently, a prominent research study has claimed that there may be certain long-lasting changes that can occur in the brain of a pregnant woman. Is it true? Let is find out, here!

Pregnancy & Brain Changes

Link Between Pregnancy And Numerological Changes

During pregnancy, a lot of hormonal fluctuations occur in the body of the woman, as her body has to equip itself to carry and nurture a baby for about 9 months.

Now, hormones are first produced in the brain and reach the other parts of the body to aid certain functions.

For the brain to produce certain hormones that are required during pregnancy, it has to go through certain long-lasting changes that may or may not affect the pregnant woman negatively.

Pregnancy & Brain Changes

Also, the research study has claimed that these neurological changes that occur in the brain of the pregnant woman may, in fact, lead to certain positive behavior changes.

The neurological changes that occur in the brain of the pregnant woman can psychologically equip her with the protective and caring maternal instincts that can help her take care of her child in a much better way.

Although the neurological brain changes during pregnancy can be a positive thing, if the woman experiences unusual symptoms like intense mood swings, etc, she must have herself tested.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 27, 2016, 17:45 [IST]
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