Ways To Boost Fertility Among Women

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Many women these days complain of fertility problems. If you suffer from fertility problems, conception becomes really difficult. This can lead to a lot of problems among the couple. Though there are synthetic steps or medicinal treatments that can help you increase your fertility but, it is best to be cautious before it gets late.

Women can try these natural ways to boost their fertility. For example, eating foods that increase fertility can help you get over fertility problems.

Ways To Boost Fertility Among Women

Natural ways to boost fertility in women:

Know your most fertile days: Ovulation is the best time when a woman can get pregnant. She has to maintain a list of her ovulating days so that she can conceive easily. Keep a track of your menstrual days and note down them for 3 months continuously. This will help you discover your ovulating days. Make sure you make love on these days as they are best to get pregnant faster.

Change your eating habits: To ensure that you improve your fertility, you have to include foods that are healthy and nutritious. There are many fertility foods that can help you conceive. Green leafy vegetables, fibre rich foods are rich in antioxidants and folic acid that improves the reproductive system. Soy products, split beans, egg yolk, potatoes, wheat flour, cabbage, asparagus, beetroot, bananas, broccoli and brussel sprout are rich in folic acid.

De-stress yourself: Stress is one of the reasons that can lead to fertility problems. Reduce stress by practicing yoga. Workout regularly to stay fit, healthy and active. It is said that moderate exercise can help you conceive faster. So, make sure you take out time for some exercise in your daily schedule.

Check your weight: This is another way to boost your fertility. If you are over or underweight, chances of conception become very low. So, check your weight if you are planning to conceive. Consult your doctor before going on a diet. You need to know how much weight you should have and the doctor can help you get the best answer.

Have a healthy love life: Many women find a decrease in their fertility levels due to the lack of lovemaking in life. Hectic schedules, work pressure and lack of time has forced couples to spend less intimate time with their partners. If you want to improve your fertility naturally, make sure you have a healthy love life.

These are few natural ways to boost your fertility. Do you have more tips for the women who are trying to conceive?

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 15:06 [IST]
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