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Conceiving With PCOS: Things You Should Know

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Women who are suffering from PCOS do have a more strenuous time getting pregnant than women who don't have the condition.

It happens because the women suffering from PCOS have ovaries that don't function properly because they've cysts on them. This affects every aspect of a woman's reproductive health, including her pregnancy and fertility-related issues.

Conceiving With PCOS

If you're a female diagnosed with PCOS and you're pregnant, you can have several worries regarding your health and the health of your unborn baby. Among the greatest risks for females with PCOS is the risk for a miscarriage.

Women with PCOS are about 45% more prone to suffer from a miscarriage. Some researchers also believe that this number can be higher.

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However, doctors are unsure about the cause for this significant risk of miscarriage. One theory is that, due to PCOS, the quality of a woman's egg might not be as good as it would typically be.

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It is also possible that a raised insulin or hormonal level could contribute to the loss of pregnancy due to PCOS.

Women who've PCOS may also be at a larger risk for developing diabetes mellitus later on in life. They're also at a much higher risk of developing gestational diabetes mellitus throughout the period of pregnancy.

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This is a serious condition that may impact the health of your unborn baby. Women who've gestational diabetes mellitus need to be cautiously monitored, so that the baby doesn't become insulin resistant.


Women with gestational diabetes mellitus also have a tendency to have larger babies. This needs to be monitored, so that the baby's health will not be put at a higher risk.

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While you're pregnant, your physician might warn you about gaining too much weight during your pregnancy. During this stage, the more you weigh after your pregnancy, the more pronounced your PCOS symptoms will become post the pregnancy period.

This could be avoided if you decide to go on pills for birth control after your pregnancy till you lose the baby weight. Nearly, all women who've PCOS deliver healthful babies because they're being cautiously monitored by their doctors.

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Unless of course the baby is very large, the delivery experience should be exactly the same as a female would experience without PCOS. If you do develop gestational diabetes mellitus, your baby will be checked, but the majority of those babies are very healthy.

Women who've experienced one successful pregnancy with PCOS will often have a much easier time in conceiving a second child. Since these women know exactly what to expect, they also make sure to worry less and keep stress at bay.

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