What Happens During The First Twelve Months Of Life?

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The first one year is very crucial as your baby may need round the clock attention. During those 12 months, the baby learns how to crawl, walk utter some words and recognise objects.

The brain develops at a very fast pace during those months and parents may need to spend more time with the baby during those formative months.

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Now, here is the whole process of development during the first twelve months. Of course, some babies develop faster and some take time, but broadly, this is what happens during the first year.


First Few Days

During the first few days, a new born generally communicates only through crying, hiccups, sneezing and grunts. A new born can see clearly only till 10-12 inches of distance.


Month 1

By the end of first month, a baby develops hearing ability and may start responding to familiar sound.

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Month 2

In the second month, infants suck thumbs and also develop better eye-sight to recognise familiar objects.


Month 3

Tries to imitate your expressions, movements and mimic sounds. A baby also learns to make eye contact during this month and will start recognising faces of familiar people.

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Month 4, 5 & 6

Teething begins in this month. Baby shows enthusiasm to move around. By the 5th month, a baby will start learning to grasp small objects and touch them. During the 6th month, the baby tries to sit up on his own.


Month 7

Vision becomes clear. The baby will be able to stand up with someone's support.


Month 8

Starts crawling on the floor. The baby can sit up from sleeping position on his own by this month.


Month 9 & 10

The baby will be able to catch certain instructions and remember certain objects. The baby also develops possessiveness to toys.

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Month 11 & 12

Some babies start standing up and walking by this time. Also, simple wolds like 'mom' can be understood and uttered.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 12:45 [IST]
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