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Press These Two Points On Your Baby's Feet To Make Them Stop Crying Instantly!

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If you are a new parent, then surely, you would be dealing with many late nights and exhausting times, trying to pacify your crying baby, right? Well, there are a few points on your baby's feet that can help them stop crying, when pressed.

Now, you may be surprised to know that just pressing on a few particular spots on your baby's feet can actually help calm your baby down and stop the crying.

How To Make You Baby Stop Crying

In fact, you may even be suspicious if this technique can actually work, right?

Well, it is known as the technique of reflexology, which is an ancient healing method that has been practised for years, first started by the Chinese!

Reflexology involves applying pressure and pressing certain key points located in various parts of the body in order to treat or reduce certain symptoms and ailments.

When certain points are pressed on a regular basis, positive changes happen internally, thus reducing the problem.

So, if you want to stop your baby from crying excessively, there are 2 key points on the feet that you must press!

How To Make You Baby Stop Crying

Why Babies Cry?

As we know when children are younger, at least until they can start talking, it may not be possible for them to communicate with the parents and let them know if something is causing them pain and discomfort.

So, it is common for babies to cry when they are hungry, tired, sick or when they need to be cleaned!

Initially, it can be rather difficult for the parents to find out what can be wrong with the child, when he/she is crying incessantly.

How To Make You Baby Stop Crying

Usually when the child is experiencing symptoms that cannot be seen by the parents, like headaches, stomach pain, nausea, etc., they start to cry and the parents can get confused.

How Reflexology Helps?

If your baby is crying incessantly for over an hour, it could be because he/she may be experiencing pain in the abdomen caused by gastritis or a headache caused by a cold or sinus.

How To Make You Baby Stop Crying

By pressing the toes of your baby's feet gently (each toe for about 3 minutes each), you can help reduce your baby's headache.

Also, by pressing the part just a little below the central part of your baby's feel, you can help provide relief to your baby from abdominal pain caused by gas.

When these conditions are reduced, your baby does get pacified and can stop crying. However, if the problem persists, medical intervention will be needed.

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