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Lose Weight During Breast Feeding Phase

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Though it seems impossible to lose weight during the breastfeeding stage, it is not so. Also, some believe that losing weight during that stage would decrease the milk supply.

Lose Weight During Breast Feeding Phase

Well, it isn't wise to suddenly change your diet but eating healthy is a good decision. Also, everyone in the family would generally force the woman to eat big in order to provide the necessary nutrients to the baby through milk.

Lose Weight During Breast Feeding Phase2

Firstly, it isn't wise to attempt sudden weight loss as your body needs enough time to shed the weight that was gradually accumulated over a period of nine months.

Lose Weight During Breast Feeding Phase3

Here is the first benefit of breastfeeding. It can burn nearly 500 calories. Also, you can carry your baby and go for a walk. This will help you burn more calories during that stage.

Lose Weight During Breast Feeding Phase3

Beyond walking, don't attempt any intense workout without consulting your family doctor. Generally, doctors recommend a gap before you can start working out.

Lose Weight During Breast Feeding Phase4

Also, your fitness goals should be realistic. Try to shed only a pound or two a week through healthy methods. If you carefully plan it, within 6 months, you can get back to normal weight.

Lose Weight During Breast Feeding Phase6

Also, never try to consume anything less than your daily recommended calorie intake. Generally, women may need around 2300 calories a day and breast feeding mothers may need 2700 calories a day.

But your doctor can tell you the exact number of calories depending upon other factors like your current health condition, activity levels, age and more.

Story first published: Tuesday, July 19, 2016, 10:50 [IST]
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