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16 Ways To Soothe A Crying Newborn


One of the common things which every new parent suffers with is a crying baby. When it comes to crying babies, there are so many ways in which you can pacify the little being. There are tons of new parents who soothe a crying baby by singing to him/her or with the help of a pacifier. Apart from these two simple ways, there are many more ways in which new parents can soothe their new born.

When a baby cries, new parents do not exactly know the reason for their sorrowful tears. New parents often check every little detail to see the reason for the tears. In situations like these, new parents are often terrified with their little one in their arms crying out of control. At this moment, there is a lot of confusion and this leads to a lot more crying.

Experts say that some of the reasons why newborns cry is because they are hungry or they have wet their nappies. Therefore, Boldsky will suggest you some of the ways in which you can pacify a newborn when they are crying. This is a simple guide for new parents to follow. These simple 16 ways to stop a crying baby is helpful for new parents.

Take a look:


Warm Baths

If your newborn is crying, a shower will help to soothe your crying baby. A gentle warm bath and a few bubbles will make your baby feel relaxed.


Belly Rub

New mummy's should gently rub the belly of her crying baby to soothe the little one. Tickling the baby on his/her belly too will help.


Sing A Song

The best way to soothe a crying baby is to sing to him/her a lovely lullaby song. Look into your babies teary eyes and sing her/him a lovely song.



Green is the colour to soothe anyone's senses. If your baby seems to be uncontrollable, take him/her for a walk in the garden. Let your baby look at green plants, it will distract the mind.



New parents can easily distract their crying baby by making funny noises. You can either imitate a dog or a cat and wait for your baby's expression.


Gentle Stroking

All you need to do to soothe a crying baby is to gently stroke his/her head while they are bitterly crying. This will instantly help your baby to calm down. Try it!


Hair Dryers

The magic of hair dryers! If your newborn is crying, all you have to do is switch on the hair dryer in the opposite direction. The noise will give the baby a little startle and make them stop crying.


Change Arms

If your baby is crying bitterly in your arms, change his carrier. You can either ask your spouse to hold him/her or someone in the family who is fond of.


Foot Massage

Crying babies always stop when someone gently massages their feet. New parents should massage their newborns feet with warm oil. It makes them feel relaxed.


Look Funny

Babies always laugh when you make funny faces at them. To soothe a crying baby, be a cartoon character to ease them.



The common way to soothe your crying baby is fed him/her a bottle of warm milk. Console the baby gently and give him warm milk to drink, this trick will stop him from crying immediately.


If You Have A Pet

Pets always work when it comes to soothing a crying baby. The soft look on your pet's face can make stop a crying baby. If you have a pet, try this trick.


Fish Helps Too

If your baby seems uncontrollable, place him/her in front of a fish tank/aquarium. The bright coloured fish will help distract his/her attention.


Soft Toys

Teddy bears and soft toys always help to soothe a crying baby. As soon as your baby begins to cry, give him/her their favourite soft toy to find the comfort.


Change The Baby's Position

One of the main reasons, why your baby is crying is because they are uncomfortable. Change your baby's position to help him/her to stop crying.


Check Your Baby

New parents should always find out the reason why their baby is crying. Check your baby to see if he/she has wet the nappy or is hungry.

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Story first published: Monday, November 11, 2013, 15:17 [IST]