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What Causes Milia In Newborns?
Skin irregularities such as red patches or even bumps are quite common in newborn babies and most of the time, harmless. Most often, we may notice tiny white bumps on the nose, chin and upper cheeks, which appear roughly after 2-3 ...
What Causes Milia In New Born

Can Noise Affect The Foetus Or The Newborn?
Many women work in noisy surroundings, such as working with machines, loud music, crowds of people, guns, trucks, sirens or airplanes. Working in a noisy surrounding, especially, when you are pregnant, can affect your hearing and stress levels and may also ...
How To Pick Up A Newborn Baby?
Parenthood is one of the most blessed periods of a person's life. Carrying a child within you is indeed a miraculous experience for most mothers. However, having the child right in front of you is a whole new experience altogether. At ...
How To Pick Up A Newborn Baby
9 Home Remedies For Jaundice In Newborn
Parents-to-be and new parents only want their babies to be healthy when they are born and as they grow up. One thing no one anticipates when welcoming a new baby is jaundice in the newborn. Jaundice in the newborn, or hyperbilirubinemia, ...
Feeding Chronology For Babies
New parents always worry if their child is receiving the right amount of nutrition for his/her age. When a child crosses the age of 6 months and starts eating solids, it is important to see that the baby eats the right ...
Feeding Chronology For Babies
Simple Tips To Bond With Your Newborn
Just like how it takes a while to bond with a new person you meet, it takes some time to get to know your newborn better and form an everlasting bond with him/her. So, if you are wondering about how to ...
Facts About Congenital Heart Disease
The heart disease present at birth is called congenital heart disease (CHD). The prevalence of the disease is about 0.5%-0.8% of the live births (8/1000). It is a major cause of death (after prematurity) in the first year of life. There ...
Facts About Congenital Heart Disease
7 Things You Should Never Do To A Newborn Baby
Child-rearing is no piece of cake. Often, the new mothers are told that they will get adjusted to the routine of taking care of their babies and in getting to know their infants quickly. But, most of the times, it is ...
Visitor Rules To Follow Before Visiting A Newborn
You've just given birth and the whole world you know wants to pay a visit. Overwhelmed? Visiting a newborn baby is quite an awesome experience for relatives and friends, which is why the new parents have to be geared up and ...
Visitor Rules To Follow Before Visiting A Newborn
Summer Tips For The New Born
Tending for a new born baby is an emotional experience. Summer babies are healthier as they are less likely to catch cold and become sick. But summer has its own set of worries for the new mothers due to soaring heat. ...
Summer Tips For The New Born
The Coolest Newborn Baby Photos
We all drool over newborn baby photos. In fact, if you are in your early thirties then Facebook and Twitter is all about the first photos of newborn babies. Although babies have no sense of sight or hearing at birth, they ...
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