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Is It Your Baby's First Haircut?

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Most parents are apprehensive about giving their baby a haircut and rightly so. Giving your baby his or her first haircut may not be as easy as you are thinking. There are many things to consider like whether to do it in the salon or at home and whether it is a good time to get your baby a haircut and so on. A haircut is normal part of growing up for your baby and also necessary part of your baby's hair care regime.

Here are some of the questions that haunt parents before they give their baby a haircut for the first time and also, the answers to them.

Baby First Haircut

When is the right time?

Normally a haircut is not determined by age but by the length of the hair. Whether your baby is newborn or a year old, the time of the haircut will be determined by the speed with which his or her hair grows. If your baby's hair is growing too long for your liking or getting into the baby's eyes and nose, then you must take the baby for a haircut. Sometimes, the baby has curly hair at birth but after the first haircut, the ringlets will disappear.

Home or Salon?

It really depends on the temperament of your baby. If your baby is cranky and shy around strangers then it is best to give him or her a haircut at home. This will ensure that the baby has the comforting effect of familiar circumstances. Moreover he or she will be given his or her first haircut by someone he or she can trust (one of the parents).

If your baby is gregarious then you can choose a nice salon for the haircut. This has two advantages. Firstly, you get experts to do the haircut for your baby and secondly, it might be easy to distract the baby with all the interesting thing in the salon.

What type of haircut should it be?

You are giving your baby a haircut not trying to make him or her a fashion icon. So do not expect a very stylish hair cut the first time around. Usually parents go for a haircut so that it becomes easy to care for the baby's hair. You can make it stylish by giving him a Mohawk or baby fringes. However, this can happen only if your baby sits still for a while. If the baby is fidgety then it is better to get done with a simple trimming.

In some cultures, it is believed that the baby's first haircut should be a complete shaving of the head to get rid of all the hair that the baby had at birth. The scientific logic behind this is that shaving your head makes the hair grow stronger and thicker. But is is not necessary to shave the baby's hair the first time itself.

What else would you consider before giving your baby a haircut?

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