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Video Alert: Bizarre Case Of Man Licking Doorbell For 3 Long Hours!

Having a CCTV camera installed at your home can be a blessing in disguise as it helps people avoid getting robbed.

There are so many funny and bizarre incidents that are caught in these cameras.

bizarre case of man licking doorbell

Check out the details about a bizarre case where a man was caught licking a doorbell for over three long hours.


The Incident Happened In California

The culprit who was identified as Roberto Daniel Arroyo is a 33-year-old man and he was captured taking part in the bizarre act on a CCTV camera in Salinas, California.


The Footage Showed

The explicit footage showed that the man was leaning his head against the intercom that was outside the front door and was seen licking the doorbell from several different angles for a whole three long hours!


The Incident Happened At 5 AM

The owners were not at home when the incident happened. The owner got a notification of movement at their house while their kids were still at home. When they checked the video, it was found that the man went on oddly licking the bell.

The Video Has Gone Viral

The weird-looking video which indeed looks hilarious has gone viral, and people are applauding the video camera as it has helped the cops catch the culprit as the images were clear. Though the police revealed that the man had not caused any harm to the property or robbed anything from the house. But the entire video seems to be just out of the world.

What do you think of the video? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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