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Case Of Man Swallowing Toothbrush Accidentally Is Viral

Being healthy and staying healthy is one of the main priorities for most of us. But what happens when you are doing an extreme thing?

One such is this case where a man accidentally swallowed a toothbrush which was 12 inches long!

man swallowed toothbrush

Check out to find out on what happened next when the man arrived at the hospital and did not disclose to the doctors about what he had done...


The Man Accidentally Swallowed It

The unnamed man was in his regular morning routine of brushing his teeth when he accidentally swallowed the toothbrush. He was too embarrassed to share the incident and hence spent the entire day doing the regular chores until...

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He Had Severe Pain Next Day

It is reported that the man woke up with severe stomach pain the next morning. The pain was so severe that he could not move. The man was adamant of not revealing what he had swallowed until the medics did a scan.


The Scan Report Revealed It All

The medics were confused on how the 12 inches toothbrush found its way in his endoscopy reports. Later, the man confessed to having swallowed the brush. An immediate procedure of removing the brush was started, and it was removed.


The Man Was Discharged That Very Day

Once the doctors found that the toothbrush was lodged in the upper part of the stomach, they performed an endoscopy and the man recovered from the pain on the same day. He was later discharged and was even told on how to clean his tongue next time to avoid such incidents.


This Is Not The First Case

A bizarre case of a man consuming 18 toothbrushes went viral in 2016. The medics also removed various objects that resembled a corkscrew and some tweezers from the unnamed man's stomach.

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