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Weird Things That Women Spend Their Money On

We often notice that we tend to spend our hard-earned money on some of the things that are never useful to us.

There are times when we generally buy thinking that it would be useful, but eventually realise that it does not even make any sense.

There are times when we even think of what were we thinking of when we bought them.

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Check out some of the bizarre things that women spend their money on and we're sure you would agree with us.


Make-out Practice Pillow

These pillows are quite popular in the market, where women are not the only ones who are buying these products, but single men also seem to enjoy using them! After all, we guess everybody gets lonely at some point in time.


A Bra That Can Save Your Life

Dr Elena Bodnar who was the founder and president of the Trauma Risk Management Research Institute in Chicago created this stylish bra invention. The bra transforms into two gas masks with independent strap systems.

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Ta-ta Towels

If the above bra did have a purpose, this bra makes us wonder what the inventor was thinking before creating it. Guess the motto of the boob towels is to support and keep the boobs dry.


The Boob Glue

This product claims to hold boobs of all sizes in place. The makers claim the product to be "A Cleavage Make-Over in a Bottle" as they promise to keep your boobs perky.


The Bra-Zing

If you are tired of flaunting your regular bra-straps, a company named BraZing creates designer straps for you to flaunt. But this invention only makes us wonder what difference does it make!


Holding Hand Phone Case

We bet this can be comforting stuff for people who love to find comfort in everything.


Foot Undiez

We bet this product was invented by a person who was interested in a foot fetish.

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Beetle Earrings

Why do people even want to wear something like these? These creepy designed bugs come in all variant colours and forms.

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