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    Viral Video Of A Policeman Touching A Woman Inappropriately Can Make You Question How Safe Are We!

    A video of a policeman touching a woman inappropriately is going viral for all reasons!

    The man in the video seems to be waiting for the train like the rest of the passengers when he suddenly decides to touch the woman who is seated next to him.

    policeman touching a woman inappropriately

    In the video, it is seen on how many times the man touches the woman's back.

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    The only question that arises on our minds after seeing the video is did the woman not feel his touch? Was she even scared by the fact that the man was a policeman? Or did the woman enjoy his touch?

    The moment you see the video, it raises many questions in your mind as to why didn't the woman stop the cop! Or is it that the policeman thinks that he has the right to touch a woman the way he wishes to?

    In the entire video, the cop is seen enjoying himself by touching the woman while he also pretends to sleep!

    If it were not the man who shot the video, there would be no evidence that one could even believe the man is touching the woman inappropriately and the woman's cries would have fallen on deaf ears, if she dared stand up for herself!

    The only thing that would make one happy in this entire video is the fact that a man who was seated next to the policeman realised what the cop was doing and decided to slap him right away.

    The man whose name or identity was not revealed, did not even think for a second before he slapped the cop and confronted him!

    The mob appeared in no time and are seen questioning the cop, while the woman who was touched seemed to be least bothered about the complete chaos and pretended to ignore everything completely.

    It makes us wonder if it's her fear that stopped her from confronting the policeman.

    While this is not the first case of the policemen misusing their uniform by doing such things in public, there have been previous cases where the cops are seen getting a foot massage or even a full body massage while on duty!

    Don't you think this video should be spread across to as many as possible so that the citizens are aware of what our authorities are up to (at least the bad ones)!

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    What's your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Friday, June 22, 2018, 15:51 [IST]
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