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Video: See What This Shopkeeper Did To Make Fish Look Fresh!

Do you think that the stuff that we buy from the market has an expiry date? If you rack your brains for a while, you will realise that not everything in the market that we buy has an expiry date on it especially when we buy things from a wholesale market or the local vendors.

This is what played a masterstroke in this case as a shopkeeper tried to fool his customers by pasting fake googly eyes on his old stock of fish.

Check out the details of this bizarre case which is grabbing eyeballs of many after his case went viral...


The Incident Happened In Kuwait

This bizarre incident happened in Kuwait local market when the shopkeeper tried to fool its customers by making them think that the fish was fresh by just adding on fake googly eyes on it to make the fish look fresh.

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The Shop Was Closed

Apparently, the shop has been closed down after authorities found the man had been cheating his customers. The measure to shut down the unnamed shop was taken after pictures of the plastic eye slipping off from the stale fish was seen. It revealed the yellow eye of the fish and the video went viral.

The Mixed Reactions

Though the incident happened a few days back, looks like the Internet world is filled with mixed reactions as some social media users were outraged by the deceitful tactics of them, and they even asked for a hefty fine for cheating his customers; there were others who seemed to be amused merely and also impressed by the creative thoughts of the fish seller.

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The Reactions Of The Netizens

Amused by the creativity of the seller, netizens made comments like these:

"Why are you making a big fuss? The fish had a weak vision; that is all."

While other fish shop owners in Kuwait posted hilarious adverts on social media, like "fresh fish without cosmetic enhancements" and even "fish without coloured lenses".

What do you think of this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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