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Woman Spends Her Entire Day Sitting In A Lake

People who suffer from any rare condition are most often found to be seeking relief in the most unexpected ways.

This is one such case of a woman who is believed to be suffering from a rare and weird health condition that makes her skin burn, and to get relief, she is seen spending her time in a lake.

woman spends her day sitting in a lake

Check out the details of this bizarre condition...


The Story Was Covered By The Russian Media

The authenticity of this story makes us wonder about how the Indian media has not covered it. In the video, an old woman is seen sitting in the lake while the villagers are seen looking from the shore.


The Russian Version Of The Story

It is reported that the 65-year-old woman hails from a village in West Bengal, India. She has allegedly spent every day for the past 20 years plus submerged in water up to her neck in the nearby lake. She does this due to an unknown disease.


The Woman’s Routine

It is said that the woman wakes up early before sunrise and walks into a nearby lake. Here, she remains submerged up to her neck for the entire day until the sun sets. This has been her everyday routine since 1998.


She Suffers From An Unknown Health Condition

Apparently, the woman started suffering from a mysterious condition that left her body being inflamed and sore. She found solace in the lake water. Hence, she began spending her days in a lake close to her village. She has been sitting in the lake for over two decades now!


She Comes Out Of The Water To Eat Her Lunch

The woman who has been dubbed as the "Indian mermaid" is known to eat only a bit of rice and very few vegetables all throughout the day. Due to her sedentary lifestyle, her appetite has been affected. It has been further revealed that the woman usually takes her meal to the lake each morning and she eats it while she is still in the water to protect her skin from the sun.


The Villagers Think

The villagers who are superstitious believe that she will one day become the spirit of the lake, as she spends so much time in it. On the other hand, the family thinks that they need to take her to a doctor and cure her of the mysterious disease.

Since the story has been shared by the Russian media, we are not sure if this is a hoax or a real story. What do you think, folks? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Images Source: Youtube

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Story first published: Thursday, December 13, 2018, 12:31 [IST]
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