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Real-life Story Of Crazy Cannibal Who Cooked The Heart Of A Woman

Real-life Story Of Crazy Cannibal Who Cooked The Heart Of A Woman | Boldsky

There are so many disturbing crimes that happen around in the world. Some of the most chilling cases do remain in our minds for a very long time as they would be the most gruesome acts.

Here is one such case which is not for the weak hearts.

Real-life Story Of Crazy Cannibal Who Cooked The Heart Of A Woman

This is the case of a young woman who was killed brutally by a cannibal who ate her heart mercilessly.

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It Happened In Russia

This gruesome act of the woman losing her life happened in Russia. The poor victim was just 27 years old and was a mother of two beautiful kids who was killed by a cannibal named Alexey Yastrebov.

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The Killing Act

It is reported that the cannibal killed the woman by stabbing the woman in the neck and he apparently cut out her Adam's apple with a kitchen knife.


Well The Cannibal Needed To Do More Harm!

He apparently gouged out her heart and left lung of the woman and then cooked it on the stove! He called his flat owner and apparently told: 'Call the police and ambulance. I'm lying in the blood, next to me is a corpse.'


When Cops Arrived

When the paramedics arrived at his place they saw blood all over the place. He poised and told them: 'There's a heart cooking on the stove.'


But What Happened?

It is still not clear as to what lead to this gruesome act, but as humans it makes us wonder what would have gone wrong to this extend that people tend to go to these extremes.


About The Man

There have been medical tests done on the man as to what led him to take up this extreme step or was this done under the influence of any drug which lead to this extreme case. It is still unclear though.


Need Counseling

If you or your loved one is feeling lonely or weird for a while, we guess it is time to talk out and express your feelings. As we never know when our anger or frustration can take over our mental state.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 27, 2018, 12:04 [IST]
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